Thursday, June 30, 2011

Garden update

Well....most of our garden is still alive. YAY! We lost 3 of 4 squash plants, about a quarter of our peas, and almost lost our lone jalapeno plant before it somehow made a comeback. 
Everything else is looking great!
These pictures are from 6-24-11.
Hot banana peppers. And my husband's wedding ring. Flo...your thoughts? ;)

Our one cayenne pepper.

Lots of banana peppers.

My hot gardener.


Green beans


Babies and Parties. Great combo.

My sweet sister missed the baby shower for her first child due to that silly medical restriction known as bed rest. What a drag.  Naturally my mother and I thought it would be an absolute shame for her to miss out on this fabulous female right of passage. So once we learned of her upcoming second baby, our party planning juices started flowing. Well mainly mine. I love parties.
We threw a quaint Saturday morning baby-bump brunch (as I cheesily coined it) with family and friends. It was a dandy.
Pictures of Mom, Laura, and Sadie as babies.

Lots of sweet little ones

Excited big sister
The beautiful quilt top Mom made. Oh to have her skills.

Cousin love.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Home sweet Home

It's Friday. Hallelujah.
We are not traveling this weekend. Hallelujah. Thank goodness. It's a miracle.

We have made the trip to Mactown the last 5 weekends. That's right, 5 weekends in a row.
And while all the trips were for special events that I wouldn't miss for the world, I am glad to be able to rest, clean, sleep, weed, water, play, straighten, nap, church, snuggle, and eat in my own home.
I'm hoping me and my husband have a date with Mazatlan tonight, and praying that me and my pillow have a date tomorrow morning.
Jameson is home mowing the lawn as we speak (actually, as I write), so hopefully we can spend some of tomorrow afternoon in our garden.
And who knows for Sunday....there are so many options...I'm consumed with excitement. Church, lunch, then maybe a quiet afternoon with the Braves. Or maybe church, lunch, and a hike in the park (that will take some convincing). Most likely it will be church, lunch, grocery store, laundry, make lunches, and vacuum.
All in our own home. 
Sounds like the best weekend ever.

But don't worry Mactown....we'll be back next weekend ;)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Aunt Sandra--this is for you!

I recently added a new feature to my blog; a option to subscribe to the posts via email. This will allow readers to receive email notification when a new post has been published.
Aunt Sandra- this means you won't have to check the blog every night to see if I've updated. You'll instead get a lovely little email in your inbox letting you know there is new material.  Fabulous right?? I'm adding this feature with you in mind! :)

I used Jameson as a guinea pig and signed him up to receive emails; it was a very simple and straightforward process.
-On the top right-hand side of the screen is a box labeled "Follow by Email".
-Enter your email address into the box and hit submit.
-A box will pop up that will require you to type in a security word.
-The next box will inform you that an email was sent to your inbox.
-Go to your email inbox, open the email from "Feed Burner Email Subscriptions", and follow the instructions to click and open the link.
-And Voila!! You're signed up!

Enjoy! :)
Now I just need to make the time to blog more often to make this process worthwhile.


For days I watched with baited breath for the daylilies my mother-in-law gave me to bloom. As I'd hoped, their beauty was worth the wait.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What we've been doing

The warm weather finally arrived and Jameson and I couldn't be happier. We spend a tremendous amount of time outside tending to our landscaping and our lovely little vegatable garden. Every afternoon after work there is some sort of weeding, hoeing, tilling, or watering that needs to be done.
I love it and love the feeling of pride it brings us. It feels good to come home after being kept up in an office all day, change clothes, and head outside to work and sweat. Although I must complain that this doesn't leave me a lot of time to experiment in the kitchen, or cook even half-way exciting meals, but c'est la vie.
The prospect of having tasty, fresh veggies and herbs is worth a little sacrifice.

Our garden is a joint effort with my mother. We've planted tomatoes (tons and tons of tomatoes), green bell peppers, yellow bell peppers, purple bell pepper, cayenne peppers, jalapeno peppers, sweet yellow peppers, hot banana peppers, okra, peas, green beens, squash, sweet potatoes, basil, rosemary, parsley, and cilantro. YUM!!
Some type of pepper. 5-26-11
Green beans and peas. 6-2-11
Basil. 6-2-11
Jameson took the following pictures- he did a great job!!
Tomato corner. 18 plants. Not kidding.
Sending positive vibes to my slow-growing zinnias.
Although we're still rookies, gardening is rewarding and quickly becoming a favorite hobby for us! More pictures to come.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


A conversation that took place last night:

Jameson:  Goodnight Meme! (a family-given nickname of mine). Wow, I actually called you Meme, that felt so weird to say!
Myself:  I know! You never call me that- I kinda liked it! I call you Jamo ya know, and that's your nickname, so you should use mine!
Jameson:  Yea but I don't really like Jamo.
Myself:  Really? But everyone calls you that!
Jameson:  Yea but it's not my favorite. I've been trying to promote the use of a new nickname.
Myself: Oh yea? Like what?

Jameson:  Diesel

That's right folks, Diesel.
Just thought I'd share.