Friday, November 26, 2010


I'm currently cuddled up on Jameson's parent's couch, watching the Iron Bowl with the Bouldin brothers, smelling the wonderful smells coming from Mrs. Vickie's kitchen, and thinking about the blessings in my life that I have to be thankful for.

The recent addition of Jameson as my husband is definitely in the forefront of my thankfulness this year.
I'm thankful for his friendship and devotion; his loyalty is unwavering.

For his humor, bad jokes, and ability to make me laugh...even when I don't want to.

I'm thankful for his tender heart, and sweet nature; his tough exterior is only a facade.

For his work ethic and willingness to help me in so many ways. Whether it's washing dishes or meeting me at the driveway to help me unload groceries... he is my knight in shining armor.

I'm thankful for the way he can comfort me; no matter what kind of day I have, or what frustrations I'm dealing with, I feel better when I'm with him.

For his all-encompassing hugs and the way they melt away all worries.

I'm thankful for the way he has inspired me; he makes me want to be more positive, more productive, and more passionate.

For the way he loves me, our families, and UT... with all his heart.

This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful for him.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Pillows and Pictures

I have been a little delinquent with posting updates on some of the things I've been working on for the house. I feel like making this house a home is a continual project...and I'm not sure if I'll ever feel done (probably a normal feeling for most??). But it's been really fun thinking of creative and inexpensive ways to make it feel like our home.

One of the projects I've been wanting to tackle for months is making new pillow covers for our couch pillows. The sofa and love seat came with four pillows....perfect size and very fluffy. But sadly, they were covered with the ugliest fabric I'd ever seen.  The fabric made my eyes cross, caused sudden waves of nausea, and sometimes put me in a foul mood...quite frankly...I hated them. I tried to hide them in a closet, or put them in the back bedroom...but they always seemed to find their way back to the couch. (It's hard to nap without a pillow!!)

So a few Saturdays ago, I set up shop in the living room and sewed for hours. I made two cream colored solid print and two floral print for the living room and two of a different floral print for the bedroom. I've experienced such peace and serenity since ridding our home of those atrocious pillows! It's now much easier to breathe!
Bedroom pillows


Living room pillows...forgot to take a picture of the solid cream ones

 I also finally hung some pictures on the wall. I took some time finding a balance of wedding photos and non-wedding photos - this decision was not easy for me. But I got to the point where a choice had to be made, so I rounded up some pictures, old and new, and  made it work. Including a picture of some calves from Jameson's farm. Yes...that's right... I have cows on my wall. Cows. I never imagined my home would have bovine decorations, but somehow it least for now. I'm so indecisive I will probably change the entire collection next week.

Can you see the cows???

We are loving the current set-up...especially the new pillows. Even Jameson, who is usually too low-key to care about decor, finally saw the light and realized how awful those poor pillows were. And of course he loves the cows. But I'll post any updates that we make...because I'm sure there will be plenty.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My first homemade pie....sorta

I'm officially in the holiday spirit! The increasing cooler temperatures, the last few leaves clinging to the trees, and the sudden realization that next week is Thanksgiving, has got me all warm and fuzzy inside! I love this time of year and am so excited to experience my first holiday season as a newlywed! Mostly, I can't wait to cook all the seasonal dishes that I've always wanted to learn how to make. I feel as though it's a rite of passage as a wife, at least a Southern wife, to be able to cook scrumptious holiday dishes and have your house smelling delicious from now till the new year. I have many goals for different meals that I want to make, but first on my list is a apple pie!!

Sunday I scoured my cookbooks for a recipe, and sadly I looked through five cookbooks and didn't find a recipe that tickled my fancy. I wanted something plain and rudimentary; a recipe that captured the true essence of an apple pie (is there even such a thing as an essence of a pie??). Either way, many of the options I found had ingredients like maple syrup, raisins, caramel, and other odd items that I just didn't want to include in my pie.

So I decided to wait until Monday and I would ask around for good suggestions. But lo and behold....first thing Monday morning I went to my best friend's blog (you know my best friend? Pioneer Woman? Ree?) and guess what her new recipe was that day.....Apple Pie!! I swear we are soul-mates. And not only was she too thinking about the glorious-ness of apple pie, she is featuring a different pie recipe everyday this week. I love her.

As much as I'd love to be a great cook like Pioneer Woman, I've opted out of attempting to make the pie crust. I know, I know, I'm cutting corners, and not really making the pie from scratch, but I feel as though a pie crust failure might scar my budding culinary self-esteem, and I may vow to never cook again!!!! Or I'm just lazy, and don't feel like preparing dinner AND a made-from-scratch pie between the hours of 5:30 and 9:30. I think the latter is probably more accurate.

Can't wait to get home and get started!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bye Bye Hair

Well...I've decided to cut my hair. And not just cut it...chop it off.
This is very unlike me, as I've had long hair for the majority of my life. I looove long hair. I don't feel that my long hair defines me, but it has certainly been a large part of who I am.
I have been toying with the idea for some time now, but knew I wanted to preserve my long locks for the wedding. But now that the wedding is over (4 month anniversary yesterday!!), there is nothing holding me back.
Except of course for Jameson. Up until a couple days ago, I was apprehensive about getting his opinion on a possible haircut. He has told me numerous times how he doesn't enjoy short hair on women, and how much he loves my long hair. But I brought it up to him anyways, and much to my surprise, ...he is OK with it. In fact he said "you should definitely do it!". Apparently I was incorrect in his opinion of short hair, or maybe he was just being supportive. Either way, my hair appointment is scheduled for this evening and there is no turning back.

Bye Bye long hair!!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another year older...

Another birthday has come and gone, and alas, I am a year older. It's funny how exciting and pivotal birthdays used to be. I can remember waiting with great anticipation for the arrival of my birthdays, making birthday present wish lists and counting down the days. But as I've entered into my (EEEKKKK) late twenties, my birthdays have lost a little of their luster. I'm sure this is normal, and is a feeling that is felt by many, so I'm not fretting about it too much. I now get more excited about having an excuse to get together with my family and gorge myself on spice cake (my birthday cake staple..since I was like 6).
Jameson and I didn't get to spend our weekend quite the way we wanted, as he had to study pretty extensively. We had planned to have a date night Friday night, but decided to forgo that in lieu of more study time so that he could enjoy the family get-together on Sunday. His intense studying regimen required me to find a way to occupy myself so I didn't bug him every hour on the hour (which I have a tendency to do). So I raided my Mom's sewing cabinet, borrowed her machine from the eighties, and made SIX pillow covers. It was soooo much fun. Turning another year older has apparently turned me into Martha Stewart...but I think I'm OK with that. I will post pics of the finished pillows soon!
Saturday night we enjoyed some WINNING Tennessee football, which boosted our spirits...and Jameson's self-esteem ;)  Sunday we had a great meal at my Mom's house with our immediate family, including Jameson's parents, who made the trip from Mactown for church, lunch, and visiting!

Obviously Jameson's lengthy studying didn't afford him the chance to do any major birthday shopping (which I totally understand) his present to me was quite comical.
His envelope

He thinks he is hilarious...

He made this 30 minutes before lunch

The card was sweet and touching in it's own right, and we all laughed...a LOT, but once pharm school is over he better make up for it! ;)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

We have a problem

Jameson and I...well.....we have a problem.
 A Mexican food problem.
And not just any ol' Mexican food problem.
A Mazatlan Mexican restaurant Mexican food problem.
We l-o-v-e it!
In fact...we might be addicted to it.
Actually, I know we are addicted to it...which is why it's a problem.
A big problem.

I often sit at work and dream about it. One day last week, at 9:30am, I was salivating at my desk thinking about beef nachos. Sometimes Jameson will text me (also at weird times of the day) and say "You know what would be good for dinner?" To which I simply respond "Should we go tonight?" He responds "Yes!". Without any specifics, we each know what the other is talking about.

This past Friday night Jameson and I watched Sadie, and instead of changing our usual Friday night routine, we took her to Mazatlan with us. This child has eaten Mazatlan since she was in utero, so she too might have a problem. She also knew what she wanted before we even got there.

"Uncle Jamo- quit taking pictures so I can get back to my beans and rice!!"

And here we are, Tuesday evening, a mere 3 days removed from our last Mazatlan outing...and guess what we are having for dinner tonight??

Thank you Lord for beef nachos!!