Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Make new friends but keep the old

My new niece is pretty neat.
At first she looked like a little mini-me of her sister.

But now she is developing into her own little person......and she is so precious.

But I sure do have a soft spot for niece number one. Cause you know...her little personality is really starting to come out...and I think she is about as normal as I am.

 I just love her.
And her little sister.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I'm so excited to be blogging right now. My brain is continually swirling with creative juices and things to talk about and share, and it's been weeks since I'd had time to do anything about it.
The hubby and I have been quite the nomadic couple for the last few months; making me uber pumped about being at home right now.
Take a look at how many weekends we spent away from home this summer:
May 1 -- Knoxville; wedding
May 7  -- McMinnville; Mother's Day
May 14 -- Home; Jamo's finals
May 21-- McMinnville
May 28 -- McMinnville
June 4 -- McMinnville
June 11 -- McMinnville
June 18 -- McMinnville; home for half of Saturday
June 25 -- Home
July 2 -- McMinnville
July 10 -- Home...but threw a baby shower/cookout, so it wasn't very relaxing
July 16 -- McMinnville
July 24-28 -- Florida with the Bouldins
Aug 6 -- Em to Knoxville for baby shower
Aug 13 -- J to Atlanta for bachelor party
Aug 20 -- Em and J to Knoxville
Aug 27 -- Home, but helped host the Clardy Party
Sept 1-5 -- Charleston, SC for a wedding
Sept 10 -- Knoxville
Sept 17 -- Gainesville, FL

Sept 24 - HOME!!!!

Jamo and I should probably prepare ourselves for more busy summers like this in the future. Since our families live in different cities, no matter which town we end up calling home, we will always have to travel to visit the other family. And I'm sure once winter gets here and we begin hibernating, I'll be longing for an exciting weekend away from home. But for now we're as happy as pigs in mud!!

Here is what we've accomplished in the last 20 hours: (the hubby and I are a great team!)
Lawn care for both houses (mow and weed-eat), Mazatlan dinner (first time in 6 weeks), slept in till 9 a.m. (amazing), all laundry cleaned and put away,  washed the car, dusted living room furniture,vacuumed all floors, mopped the kitchen, cleaned bathroom cabinet (much needed), ran errands in town, and cooked and ate brunch (pancakes, sausage, and eggs).
Now we are settled in for an afternoon of college football, blogging, Volquesting, maybe napping, hopefully crafting, cooking, facebooking, and a dinner of steaks, potatoes, and fried okra.
OH, and I got the latest Southern Living magazine in the mail today.   I'm so happy I could cry.