Wednesday, February 2, 2011

National Get my Husband Back Day

Hooray! It has finally arrived... National Get my Husband Back Day!!!
Translation: it's National Signing Day; the first day that high school students aspiring to play football at the collegiate level can sign a letter of intent to a university.
Thank heavens. Praise goodness. Yippee. Hallelujah.
Jameson has been a tunnel-vision wreck for at least a week. Last night his entire evening was consumed with text messages, phone calls, and plenty of Volquest browsing. I'm not sure that my presence was even on his radar....except of course when I brought him his dinner, and when he bounced into the living room to perform a celebratory dance. (The dance was for football news, not the dinner).
I try very hard to not give him grief about this obsession because UT football is his hobby and his passion. I have hobbies that I know are of no interest to him, but he always supports me and shows interest in things I'm interested in. So I feel it necessary for me to likewise support him in his love of college football recruiting. I do my best to keep up the players names, positions, and try to talk intelligently with him on the subject as much as I can.
And honestly I do care about today's outcome. I too hope that UT has a promising signing class so as to help ensure the prospect of a winning future. BUT...I don't feel as though my fervent dedication to reading and researching about each player is going to in any way affect which kids choose to go to UT. So I leave that obsession to him....a pastime at which he is very skilled, let me ensure you.
I am looking forward to our upcoming quiet evenings when his phone is not buzzing every 3 minutes, and he is not bouncing around the house like a nervous, anxious child awaiting Santa Claus.
I will be happy to have my jovial, even keel husband back.

I wonder how many other women will be celebrating today as well?!
Thank goodness this day has arrived!!

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