Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Febuary 1st!!!!

Well hello blogging world. It's been a while, I know. I strongly believe January is the most boring month in the history of months. I hate it. Even though some pretty cool people were born this month, (Happy Birthday Laurel and Vickie!) it's still my least favorite month of the year. We've been a very boring couple lately, thus leaving me with absolutely nothing note worthy to blog about.
But today is Febuary 1st, a new month, and surprisingly even though it's only been a new month for a few hours, it's already been very eventful in the Bouldin household. For you see today is National Signing Day, a day almost more worrisome and anticipated than Christmas for die hard college football fans. My husband most definitely included.
Last year I blogged about the drama associated with this silly day so I thought it very fitting to share it again, as it seems that not much has changed in a years's time.
Even though this isn't new material (sorry Jess), I hope you enjoy it just the same!
National Get My Husband Back Day

Oh and GO VOLS!!!!!!

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