Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Dinner

I once heard Paula Deen say, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach". This may not be the best (or most healthy) logic, but it was a source of inspiration when deciding what to do for the hubby for Valentine's Day.

My husband has a real weak spot for hot wings, and since he's not able to travel to his favorite wing spots often, I decided to attempt a homemade version.
Here is the menu I came up with:
Buffalo wings
Asian style wings
Potato fries
Celery with homemade blue cheese dressing
And red velvet cake (his favorite)

After much research I found a recipe for baked buffalo wings; my main goal was to avoid deep frying them. My little brother provided the basic guideline for the Asian style wings. (And speaking of which, my brother is turning into a fantastic cook and I'm not sure how or when that happened...). His recipe didn't have any exact measurements, so I had to wing it (pun intended) as I went along. This made me nervous, as I haven't had a lot of experience with Asian flavors, but it turned out way better than expected. The blue cheese dressing was another first, and surprisingly my usual I-only-eat-honey-mustard-with-everything hubby loved it, and ate it instead of his normal choice. (shocker!).
The red velvet cake was tasty, and although it's not my favorite, it added a sweet ending to a fun evening.
I believe Valentine's day may become a holiday for us to celebrate love and food!


  1. Love the photos Em! I might try a piece of that cake you offered! The whole dinner smelled great too!

  2. But you forgot to tell us what HE did for YOU! I'm sure it was wonderful. :) Your dinner looked delicious! I'm going to make sure Joe doesn't see this post. I don't want him getting ideas!

  3. What a good wifey you are! :) I think the cake was the prettiest I've ever seen!