Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Adventures in Cooking

Getting in a food rut is all too easy for me, so in attempts to prevent this I've been trying to incorporate new recipes into our routine. My sister made this Cajun chicken pasta recipe not long ago and her family loved it, so I'd been dying to give it a try as well. I made it last week (or the week before?) and it was so tasty I made it again last night. I think I've found a new dish to add to our list of favorites. 
The first time I made it I totally screwed up the last few steps which has you make a cream sauce. I didn't have two or three of the needed ingredients for the sauce and when I tried to improvise with other options, the result was awful. Disgusting. Thankfully I tasted the cream sauce before pouring it over the noodles, and was able to dump it out (while gagging) and start a new. I believe my accidental revised version is quite tasty and probably much healthier. In lieu of the cream sauce I added a wee bit of extra virgin olive oil to the drained noodles and plenty of fresh ground pepper, then put them in a pasta bowl with a heaping serving of the chicken and veggies.
Yummy! (I'm actually eating the leftovers as I type this).

Even though this dish is super easy and not too time consuming (I'm slowly getting better at my knife skills), it's amazing to me the amount of mess I still make. I don't think I can pour a glass of milk without getting the entire kitchen dirty.

These pictures don't even do this mess justice. It's crazy. I need help.
At least the food was good.

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  1. Yum! That looks amazing - and healthy. We really need to do a recipe swap! :)